Gold Louis Style


  • Old Screen Of Louis Xvi Style Gilt Wood Napoleon Iii
  • Pair Of Candle Golden Bronze Age And Xix Louis Xvi Style
  • Pair Of Candlesticks Candlesticks Bronze Gilded Louis Xv Style Rockery Nineteenth Time
  • Small Mirror Louis Xv Carved And Gilded Wood Rocaille Style Xviii Time
  • Triple Photo Frame Louis Xvi Style Gilded Brass, Early Twentieth Time
  • Great Lamp Louis Xv Style Gilt Bronze, Early Twentieth Time
  • Valance Giltwood Nineteenth Time, Louis Xvi Old
  • Light Gilt Bronze Louis Xvi Style, Decor With The Ancient Era Xix
  • Luster Bronze With 3 + 1 Tulips Louis Xvi Style Flame Time Early Twentieth
  • Large And Beautiful Mirror Louis Xv Era Nineteenth Century Size 130x96
  • Large Pair Of Candelabras Louis Xvi Style Ormolu Signed Jollet Time Xix
  • Old Mirror Magnificent Wooden Gilded Louis Xv Style Xixth
  • Grand Gold Candlestick Bronze Louis Xvi Style Xix Time To Lions Head
  • Pair Of Louis Xvi Style Candlesticks Carved And Bronze Dore Nineteenth Time
  • Mirror Louis Xvi Style Carved And Gilded, Model Lyra, Nineteenth Time
  • Chandelier Gilt Bronze Louis Xvi Style Angel Lights Two Times Nineteenth Century
  • Office Epoque Napoleon Iii Marquetry Adorned From Gilt Bronze Louis Xv Style
  • Console Gilded Wood Louis Xv Style Xixth